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"Rachelle Wolfe is a first-rate health care management professional. She was invaluable in guiding us to a memory care facility for my stepfather.  My husband and I were originally looking for an assisted living facility for my stepfather. A staff member at my stepfather’s church recommended Rachelle, and it was our good fortune to obtain her help. She provided us with information about local assisted living homes, giving us costs and telling us about each one. Rachelle sent us links to websites, and personally called places to help us. She followed up regularly to see if we needed any additional help in our search. We were prepared to have my stepfather move into an assisted living facility in one or two months, when he suddenly declined. He had shown signs of dementia, and then suffered several small strokes over a few days. He ended up in the ER for six days. After diagnosis, we were told he could no longer live on his own and had to be discharged to a memory care facility. We quickly had to find a facility that he could afford and that would hopefully be in our area. We were overwhelmed by the limited time we had to find a facility, with their varying costs, services, and locations. Rachelle saved the day. She was able to quickly find us a local home with great care and a reasonable price. We are so grateful to Rachelle, and we would highly recommend her to anyone!"  K.L. and J.L.- Poway  

"I want to thank you for the excellent and wonderful assistance my family received from you in response to our request to find a caring, assisted care facility for our mother.  Your expertise certainly is obvious in the search process and your connections are so very helpful that I was awed at how smooth everything went for us. If we had been left to conduct a search on our own, I'm sure it would have taken much longer, and been much more trying and confusing for us.  You are truly an angel and we are very grateful for the guidance and connections you provided.  I highly recommend your services to anyone in need of Board and Care assistance.  Blessings to you, Steve B."

“I am so grateful for Rachelle helping me find programs and resources to help out my grandmother. Rachelle has a real passion for what she does, and her service is FREE. She is incredibly knowledgeable on Medicare and Medicaid programs and guidelines, assisted living facilities, and resources and programs to help out the elderly. She was able to direct me towards the programs that would be most beneficial for my 92 year old grandmother. Thank you so much for your help Rachelle! I truly appreciate it! -Tom C.

"A big thank you and much gratitude to Rachelle Wolfe for being there for me during a very difficult time. I was overwhelmed trying to find a loving, caring and affordable place for my mother with dementia.  Rachelle was patient, kind, understanding and encouraging. She was relentless in finding different options for me to visit and never gave up searching for the perfect place for my mother. She was successful in finding that perfect place. My mother is being well taken care of now, and that gives me peace of mind.  I will forever be thankful to Rachelle. Thank you, Peggy M."

"To whom it may concern, My dad’s health took an unexpected and quick decline that landed him in the hospital 3 times in one week, followed by an admittance to a Skilled Nursing Facility, with an unknown diagnosis or prognosis!  As a desperate daughter, I took to the internet to find help!  Not knowing what I was doing I reached out to your agency..thinking I would get a myriad of information and wade through it myself!   Rachelle Wolfe was calming and helped me gather my thoughts and then helped me figure out what I need to do, that was best for my dad!  With her help, I was able to find a wonderful Assisted Living Facility close to my house that my dad will move into!  She deserves all the kudos in the world!  Please know that I will refer her to anyone who ends up in my position!  She is a wonderful asset to your organization and to the world! Thank you, Colleen”

"To Whom It May Concern, My mom is a resident at New Dawn. The house is always clean; the staff are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.  Every time I visit my mom she is dressed, hair combed, fed, and comfortable. Her bedroom is clean, her clothes are put away and all is in order. We are extremely happy with the facility, the staff and house. And, last but not least, my mom is very happy living at New Dawn. Thank you to Rachelle Wolfe who helped us find this beautiful forever home for our mom.  Sincerely, Diana A."

“I didn’t have a clue what to do when it came time to move my husband to a location where he would be safer than I could keep him and get 24/7 attention if needed. I received assistance AND care and concern via Rachelle and was able to find, what I believe a good fit for my husband’s needs (and mine). I am relieved and grateful to have stumbled upon this resource and would happily recommend my experience.” – Cathy E.

"I was at wits end and in tears about finding a place for my 55 years old sister who has Alzheimer's Disease. I had visited many places and none were acceptable to me in the price category that we could afford. I was given "Caring Places for Seniors" phone number on a list from the Alzheimer's Association. When I called I got Rachelle on the other end. When I told her our story she was genuinely concerned and by the end of our conversation she said, "Don't you worry...I will find a great place for your sister". She has a real passion for what she does and when you are in a situation like this, you need someone who really cares. I was looking for a miracle and Rachelle was the angel that came in to help me. I own my own business and realize that service is number one in any business. I highly recommend Caring Places for Seniors to assist you with the placement of your loved one."  - Renae 

"Both Larry and I would like to thank you and your staff for the time and energy spent in respect of assisting our family with the relocating of my mother. Your gentle and thoughtful touch assisted in lowering the stress involved in times like this. Mom is doing great and likes the care and attention she receives. The staff at the facility have been so helpful and caring with all of her personal needs. Thanks again for all of your concern and efforts." - Marsha and Larry

"What a blessing you are! I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your efforts on our behalf. We also greatly appreciate your help in negotiating a manageable fee for a private space. My mother has lived independently since my father's death in 1983. Although she loves people, and has been a blessing to many all through her life, still she needs some privacy, a place to pray to her heavenly father and study her beloved bible. To have a private space at an affordable price is a gift of immeasurable value. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" - James

“One of the most difficult decisions an adult child may have to face is that of placing a parent in a long-term care facility. These kinds of decisions are nothing short of daunting as they are accompanied by many emotions.  Questions such as; What kind/type of facility would be best? Is the care reliable and are care-givers adequately trained?  Will my parent get proper nutrition even if they have special dietary needs?  These kinds of questions and the answers to them can make it difficult to make a decision and even after you make one you are often left second-guessing yourself. Imagine having to make such a decision when you live in another state.   In my case, I ended up having to place both my parents in separate facilities within fifteen months of one another. It was my experience that even though the City's Senior Directory listed many kinds of care facilities, narrowing them down long-distance, let alone being able to visit them just wasn't the best or the right approach for me in making such an important decision. When I got in touch with Caring Places for Seniors, I knew that I would get the assistance I needed to help me in my decision-making process. After my first meeting with Leonard, a partner in Caring Places, I absolutely knew I could trust him and his agency to guide me through this oftentimes tough process.  Mr. Hall and his partner Rachelle visited my mother and father, determined their needs, and after conferring with rehab staff, set about the process of calling and visiting numerous Assisted Living and Board and Cares within the geographical area my mother and I had determined. In this situation, Mr. Hall became my eyes and ears. He and his partner were true work horses and were tireless in their efforts to help me find the most suitable and caring place for my parents. I found that Caring Places for Seniors is not in business for the numbers, (number of placements they can make) but truly aim for the absolute best possible living situation for all concerned.  Today I can honestly say that after almost a year, my mother and father are getting wonderful care in a safe environment. Although I live far away, my mind is at ease because of the attention my mother and father received from Caring Places for Seniors.” - Judy 

"Stop by any time. I'm impressed, your service is very good. Keep up the good work and your patience." - Mrs. Perez, (Board and Care)

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping us find a place for Mr. Martin. It was very touching to see how appreciative he was to finally find a home that would take him. I hope that you are able to see the thankful faces of the people who you help. Again, thank you so much for your help!" - Stephany, (Skilled Nursing & Rehab Facility)

"I can't thank you enough for all you did! Last October, when we began our search for a home for Lauretta, all seemed hopeless because of her extreme financial situation. All I can say is bless the social worker at the Gary and Mary West Wellness Center in downtown San Diego who listed Caring Places for Seniors as a resource I could tap. Even after telling you how dismal her financial situation, you didn't give up. You tapped into your network and went to bat for us trying to find a caring home that would be willing to bend its financial requirements. You also told us that you would only recommend facilities you visited and approved, - the kind of facilities you would use if necessary for your own family. You kept in touch with us every few days to see how we were doing in our search. And, on a personal level, you encouraged us and always asked if you could do more. You even spoke on our behalf directly to a residential care facility to help convince them to take her. You more than achieved your goal of providing us with options. You went above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend you and Caring Places for Seniors. Thank you so much." – Sharon

"Thank you for helping me find a place to live.  This gift is just to say Thank You for being there." - Judy T. 

"I am writing to you to bring to your attention the excellent free service I received from Rachelle Wolfe. I spoke with her on several occasions and she was by far more knowledgeable, thorough and helpful than any of the other folks I spoke regarding assisted living placement for my mom, (which were many). Rachelle was compassionate and completely understood our situation with Medical and gave us good, timely information which saved me time and frustration that will help in the future. I appreciate her so much and will definitely refer others as well. All the best, Vonnie" 

"I was in tears and feeling utterly hopeless while trying to find a place that could care for my 78-year-old mother, who has a brain tumor. My mother has lived in California for all of her life. For me, living in Virginia not knowing the ins and outs of assisted living, I didn't know where I could turn for help or information. When I called referral line, Ms. Wolfe answered and I told her all about my problem. She was genuinely concerned and by the end of our conversation she said, "don't worry, I have a great place for your mom" and the weight on my shoulders immediately felt lighter. Ms. Wolfe is a blessing to our family and I cannot tell you how grateful we are for all the efforts that were put into finding us the M.K. Home, where my mother is now happily residing. Ms Wolfe is kind, patient, and clearly very passionate about her profession. My family and I wanted to reach out and make sure her amazing work was recognized. Again, a BIG thank you and much gratitude for being there for my family during a very difficult time!" - Syr S.G. 

"To Whom It May Concern:  I am writing to you because my life and my family’s life have been changed by your company. To be more specific to an individual helpful and sweet person named Rachelle. I had been looking for a senior home for my grandmother non-stop for about 3 months with no luck until I found your companies number. As soon as Rachelle picked up the phone I knew that my family’s life would not be the same. She was able to find an independent senior living for my grandmother and I moved her into the new place within that month after speaking with Rachelle! I am extremely grateful for all of her help. I am able to not worry about my grandmother as much knowing she can get 3 meals every day and does not have to walk upstairs or slip and fall in the bathtub. Finding this senior home could not have been at a better time because I myself am getting my own life started with my wife and it all is a little easier because I made a 10 minute call. Thank you so much!" - Michael