Caring Places for Seniors

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FREE Placement and Referral Services for Seniors in need of Senior Living Options

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

How does this work?

Why is your service free?

Caring Places for Seniors provides free placement and referral service for seniors in need of senior living places, such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and more.  Our referral agent is certified with the Dept. of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division, RCFE Cert. # 6034007740
Step 1: Call us at 858-337-0420 and let us know what help you need
Step 2: Based on your individual needs, we will focus on places that meet your criteria.
Step 3: We provide you with options and we can schedule a tour.  We are flexible so we will work around your schedule when you are ready. 
We are paid by communities (one time only) who allow us to refer their Assisted Living community.  Our goal is to help everyone!  A lot of our work is volunteer work to help seniors based on their income and individual needs.  We want to help as many seniors as possible who are in need of help or resources.  

What should one expect?

What if we are not ready?

When you are ready

We find senior living homes anywhere desired that meet the criteria provided to us.  We explain what kind of assistance can be provided for seniors depending on their level of care need.  Most people prefer to live close to family and/or have us look for senior living places that are affordable.
That's okay.  A lot of people call us looking for information or options for their love ones so that when they are ready for senior living care they know what to expect.  We respect your privacy.  We don't share any information with anyone without your consent.  Call us when you are ready for senior living care.
Call us at 858-337-0420 and we will walk you through every step of the process.  For example, if you need activities of daily living, we can focus on Assisted Living options based on the level of care needed.  Let us know what you need and we will help you find the right senior living options. 

Do you share our concerns?

We are concerned about the rise of elders needing 24/7 care and the lack of affordable care.  What happens if a senior doesn't qualify for Medi-Cal, but still needs 24/7 care?  What happens if a senior has no family to help pay for Assisted Living or Dementia Care?  Where do we turn to? 

We volunteer our time looking for answers, support, guidance, and resources that may help seniors in need of affordable care.  We volunteer our time explaining the differences between Medicare and Medi-Cal and what they may or may not cover.  We recommend that everyone contact their insurance to confirm their coverage.  So many people need help but they can't afford long term care.     

We don't want any seniors left behind!  We need affordable long term care insurance.  If you share our concerns, please email us at [email protected]